Bestselling author, analyst, and industry consultant to the world's largest telecom brands.
Business Strategist

Award-winning business strategist and analyst available for expert testimony and bespoke industry research work.

Management Consultant

Top-ranked provider of insight and research to C-level leaders at the world's leading telecom, online, and wireless firms.

Market Analyst

Industry insiders and TV commentators for over 600 outlets from The New York Times to Newsweek and Rolling Stone.

Telecommunications Expert and World-Renowned Analyst

The world's largest telecom providers turn to us for business intelligence and strategic insight.

Strategic Consultant to Fortune 500 Leaders

Internationally-acclaimed telecom expert and futurist Scott Steinberg is a leading provider of expert witness testimony and trial research to law firms and telecommunications companies around the world.

The telecommunications experts that today's top telcos and associations turn to for advice.
Top providers of custom business intelligence and insights.

Telecommunications trend reports, market research, and expert testimony on-demand.

The world's most successful telcos turn to us to discover what's coming next in business, and how to adapt products, services, and solutions to stay competitive.

Need expert witnesses to weigh in on patent, IP, or contract matters, and provide trial testimony? Bespoke research into what's happening in the telecom industry? Reach out to our team today!

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Telecom Analysts

Get expert research straight from the source, courtesy of one of today's most celebrated telecommunications consulting and strategy firms.


Wireless Leaders

Find out what's coming next for the industry with help from top thought leaders and industry insiders for today's best-known brands.


Editorial Consultants

Custom publishing solutions for every need: Articles, videos, whitepapers, and more can be crafted for your content campaigns.


Futurist Speakers

We can help you put today's most complex matters and hottest new innovations in simple terms that everyone can understand.

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